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Impact Startups

MIIIM | Startups

All startup struggle with the amount of skills required to get started: engineering, marketing, sales, finance, ..

We give impact startup access to a large team of domain experts who are ready to help the founders on a part time basis. These domain experts range from students who can run social media campaigns to veteran CEOs who can join your board. In exchange we have a fair and simple process of equity participation.


Startup Approval Process


Submit your application

Simple application process and you will get an answer within one week

Join MIIIM network



Convertible note for MIIIM tokens

Access the Platform


Post projects

Request help on critical projects

Select Experts


Hire Expert

Find domain experts ready to help and pay them in MIIIMs

Pay in MIIIMs


Equity back guarantee

If  you do not find experts who live up to your expectations you can return MIIIMs and get your equity back

Zero Risk

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