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MIIIM Experts

MIIIM | Experts

Use your expertise to make a positive impact!

You are a master at  your craft and looking to spend a few hours a week on projects that you are passionate about and that have real world impact?

Join MIIIM community of experts and have access to opportunities to help startups. Not only will you be contributing to accelerating impact focused projects but you will also get shares in the MIIM Impact Portfolio and benefit from the success of any startup in the portfolio. MIIIM is vetting all the startups both for their positive impact and for their financial health.  


Expert Registration
& Contribution Process



Join the MIIIM network by posting your profile on the site.

Join MIIIM network



View the list of startups and the projects they need help with

Browse startups and projects


Work on projects

Pick the projects you want to work on and  agree on collaboration terms  with startup

Collaborate with startups


Collect MIIIMs

Once project is completed you will get pre-agreed amount of MIIIMs token

Get paid in MIIIMs


Earn income

Your MIIIMs represent a share in the full MIIIM portfolio. 

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